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Construction Joys and Challenges


The joys of construction is a simple answer comfy jeans and boots.  Other than the benefit of putting on a nice soft comfortable pair of jeans and boots in the morning the satisfaction of finishing the assembly of materials and parts to create a vision is satisfying.  Construction is a giant Lego project. It involves reading plans and solving problems in order to make the parts work together and fit, so the completed finish looks and feels right.  A good architect that knows how to work with and utilize the knowledge of the field trades, and can make the entire process smooth.  


Experiencing the other side of this process where an architect is stubborn and wants to create something new without using the input of the people who put it together can be daunting.  Unless the architect has built it themselves with their own hands doing something new requires the knowledge and expertise of those that put the materials together daily in order to leverage their knowledge and experience, so you don’t go backwards.  Going backwards in construction is tough, time consuming, expensive, and frustrating.


I would say that when design doesn’t coordinate well with engineering and construction that is one of the toughest tasks within construction.  Right up there at the top of the list is a city inspector who’s not a team player, and as a business owner insurances and difficult employees can be at the top of the list also.  I don’t know many business owner’s that wouldn’t put these administrative challenges at the top of their lists no matter what type of business they run.  


When you coach a football team normally one hundred percent of the players on the team are there because they want to play and work hard to achieve a common goal and improve their skills.  It makes coaching more enjoyable when players respond quickly and efficiently to strategies and plans. In the working world the number of players that are there because they want to be working versus they have to be working is much lower, and ofcourse this creates challenges.  Governmental agencies present the same challenges in a different manner. Insurance, well there’s a reason Warren Buffett is in the insurance business.  It’s a necessity, but in my opinion, business insurance could be a lot more business friendly and price competitive.


At the end of the day the one element of construction that is the nicest to see and be a part of is when life long friendships develop amongst people.  Seeing that interaction in this business is why many stay in it, and tolerate the challenges.  A simple coffee or a lunch break where the interaction and genuine concern for each other’s well being matters is great to watch, and makes it clear why some take pride in what they do.